Thank you for choosing orange umbrella!

We really appreciate your dedication to us! Weโ€™d love to hear how you felt about our partnership!



Onboarding refers to the period of time between when we had our first meeting with you and when you officially signed the contract. How did you feel when first meeting with us?
My initial impression of the Orange Umbrella team was professional.
Walking out of the first meeting, I had a good understanding of what Orange Umbrella is.
The Orange Umbrella team clearly understood my initial needs.
The contract was adequately explained to me.
I feel that I was given all the information I needed.
Progress refers to the period of time immediately after your contract was signed up until we completed our work with you. How did you feel about our time working together?
The revision meetings were productive.
The team I worked with was professional.
I was given the promised deliverables on schedule.
The communication with my account manager was effortless.
Offboarding refers to the period of time after our work has been completed. How did you leave feeling?
It was easy for me to make my payment
My overall experience was enjoyable.
I feel as though I got my money's worth.
I will recommend Orange Umbrella to a friend/coworker/etc.
Disclosure *
I hereby allow Orange Umbrella to showcase any deliverables/examples of work on their website and social media accounts. I am aware that Orange Umbrella will not sell my files to a third party, or distribute any confidential information that I gave them.