We Are Binge Thinkers

It’s impossible to find a word that rhymes with orange, just like it’s impossible to find students as unique as us. We’re more than just a bunch of talented students from the top branch. And it's no coincidence that we're at peak ripeness. 

We’re quirky. We’re driven. We’re kind.

Every student in the Orange Umbrella family is hand-picked, not just because they create amazing work, but because they work so well together. Our clients know that our creative juices are flowing, and we promise to bring them the freshest ideas, in the most refreshing way possible. 




Melissa Jane Barnes is dedicated to bridging the gap between education and real-world experience.

MJ (as her students call her) began her professional advertising career in Miami at CP+B, one of the most widely-recognized, award-winning agencies in the industry.  She managed culture-shifting campaigns for iconic brands like Volkswagen, MetLife, and American Express Travel.

At the University of Miami, MJ utilizes real-world, agency-style techniques when training and teaching students. MJ began serving as the Managing Director of Orange Umbrella and the Koenigsberg & Nadal Interactive Media Center in 2016.  

Melissa Jane attributes her success at the University of Miami to her best friend and co-professor, Captain.



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