Greg’s Realm IX: Machu Picchu Has Fallen

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.14.56 PM.png

I’m going to illustrate what’s going on right now: I’m in my apartment, it’s 1:40AM on a Wednesday morning, and my roommate is making me watch Mother! As grasping as the movie is, I need to get this article done on time. 

So with that, let’s NOT talk about Drake. It’s probably being written in the Weekly Squeeze and/or Pulp already, plus the topic is so overexposed by everything and everyone on campus. You made it to the SAC to see what’s going on? Cool. You went to class instead? I mean, you suck, but whatever.

Moving on to something else. Hmm… honestly I don’t know what to write this week. I always come into these with an idea or topic in mind. How about we try something different? To be honest, I have zero idea as to whether or not people actually read the wonderful and Pulitzer Prize-winning Greg’s Realm. With that being said, I want to do something interactive. Find me on Facebook or send me an email ( with the message, “Machu Picchu Has Fallen.” By doing this I'll know you really do spend your time reading my somewhat-edited stream of consciousness. In return, I’ll send you an obscure, zero-context Ralph Waldo Emerson quote with some sort of deep message as an expression of thanks… and pity. 

Next week I’ll reveal the results, and the great question will finally be revealed: is Greg blabbing to himself, or do people really dig this stuff? 

’Til Next Time,