"Looking for Saturday"


Every year, Ellen has her 12 Days of Giveaways. If you’ve never been on YouTube before, it’s when she gives crazy, cool items to her audience, from $500 gift cards to TV’s, during the 12 shows before Christmas. Well, at Miami, you could say that we have something similar… sorta. Are people giving stuff away? Well.. for a price. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d like to be the first to introduce you to what March means to Miami students: Ultra season. 

It's special time, a time when your entire Facebook feed is flooded with triple-the-value ticket resell posts. A time where the mega-class pages are actually active. A time where we all come together for a common objective, even though it’s a full-on digital free-for-all: to go to a unique, high-energy music festival that happens only once a year, in one place on earth. 

A lot of us lack to realize this key point. Yes, there are some people that go to Ultra just to bandwagon, or to go cray. However, there are millions of people who live and breathe EDM, that would do anything just to attend this music festival at least once. But they have a life they can’t abandon, or, in some cases, escape.

We should never take the accessibility of this city for granted, no matter how much you love or hate it. So, while you may be annoyed by your feed, keep in mind that the opportunity to go to Ultra is unique, and grab it by the horns.

Gregory Mintz