The Norovirus (“The DC Trip”)


I don’t usually dabble in journalistic pieces, but let’s give it a shot:

It’s a rough week to be a freshman at the University of Miami. It’s alleged that the Norovirus infection is spreading within the Freshman dorms via dining hall food. Sources living in Hecht and Stanford say that some have already gone to the hospital, while others are trying to flee by staying at hotels nearby. 

Many residents are also frustrated, complaining that their hallways smell foul and that it’s difficult to use the lavatories.

"It’s really pathetic so many kids have been affected by this and UM hasn’t released a statement or taken responsibility for it,” says Kolin Boroom, a first-year living in McDonald Tower.

Norovirus, otherwise known as the “Norwalk-virus" is a stomach bug that induces vomiting and diarrhea for 1-2 days once contracted.  

Ok, the journalist mask is now off

On a serious note, I had the Norovirus at 12 years-old by eating bad turkey at Thanksgiving Dinner, and let’s just say the incident is now infamously referred to as “The D.C. Trip” within my family. Nothing else needs to be said to remind us of that horrible night, just that phrase. So if you’re living in Hecht or Stanford, please read this and stay safe.

God speed, from all of us at Orange Umbrella.

Gregory Mintz