Theme Thursday: Nautical

Today is a day unlike any other day this year. Today is the birthday of our MJB (Minister of Justice andBusiness) (Melissa Jane Barnes). The birthday of our brave leader. Our Captain's Owner.

All of us at Orange Umbrella would like to wish MJ the happiest of happy birthdays. MJ has had a huge impact on the lives of each and every one of us. It would be impossible to find someone with a more kind and genuine heart than her.

Without MJ, there would be no Umbrella for all these Oranges to gather under. It's not every day you meet someone as refreshingly sweet as MJ, so for that, we all thank you. We love you MJ, keep being you, keep being great.

In other news...

What was once a small group of friends...Is still a pretty small group of friends, but with a few new kids on the block. We're very excited to have them helping out, the more oranges the merrier.

Starting this week, we've added 4 more members to our group:
Lex Cabrera – Art Director
Grace Donahue – Art Director
Isabella Veader – Copywriter
Maxx Pollack – Videographer

These newbies are newly added juice addicts ready for the duties added to our Umbrella.As we continue to do amazingly refreshing work for our clients and spread our roots, we'll  need more
and more fruits to help get all the juices flowing.

This is only the first wave of fresh fruit, coming Fall we expect to be accepting much more Oranges, so stay tuned for that.


Christina Riccardi