Theme Thursday

Every week of summer, Orange Umbrella is having Theme Thursday's. That's right, ThemeThursdays. Last week we had a comfortable time dressing in our coziest outfits. We hopped outof bed and went straight into work.
Now you may be wondering what we did this week. Well we're going to tell you right now sojust relax okay, seriously take a chill pill.
This week's theme was Wacky Wearables.
We're coming to you live wearing the most wiggidy wacky outfits you can imagine. Backwardsjerseys, backwards pants, tequila bags, sequin jackets, tye-dye, and a bunch of other wacky stuff.We will admit, as fun as this is to do internally, we do get a bunch of weird looks as we walkaround. We generally like to warn our clients about these kind of events.
Last week we had an initial client meeting while dressed in our PJs and let's just say, he was alittle confuzzled.
Well, it was nice taking a break to talk to you all but it's about time we get back to work. Makesure to refresh our page every now & then and check in for a new juicy blog post.